Be a Mighty Room-Shifter, Everywhere You Go!

This past weekend I had the honor of officiating a gorgeous wedding in Malibu. When the ceremony began, I felt like time stopped. I looked out at the ocean sparkling behind me and the perfect baby blue sky high above, and then I took in all of the guests. I felt like I was seeing them with my heart, not my eyes, and I knew that the Grace of God was fully present. A few hours later at the reception, time stopped again. I was staring out at the pitch black darkness. All I could see was the white foam of waves crashing against the shore and then I began to hear one of my favorite songs, All of Me by John Legend. I had that same feeling again, the Grace of God is here. I looked back into the room filled with beautiful-hearted, loving, creative people and was STUNNED to see JOHN LEGEND only a few feet away from me SINGING my favorite song! So this is what I’m trying to say, hours earlier at the ceremony, I felt the Grace of God present through nature- the sea and sky. At dinner when I was filled with delight to hear John Legend performing LIVE, I felt the same Grace of God and it occurred to me, that’s our job. Our job is to bring the Grace of God through our uniqueness. You have a gift, something you are here to share and shine as. Your job is to bring it. Full tilt, all the way, no holds barred. What are you offering- big or small- what can you share today? John Legend’s presence shifted the room. How can you positively shift every room you enter this day? Let's stand in agreement to be mighty room-shifters, yes? YES!!!